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Humanitarian Relief

NFCUSA / MKB Productions aim to save and preserve life, prevent and alleviate human suffering by safeguarding the integrity and dignity of populations affected by natural disasters and man-made crises. 

NFCUSA / MKB Productions are part of a group of international companies responsible for bringing together humanitarian resources to ensure a coherent rapid response for emergencies.

NFCUSA / MKB Productions also ensure there is a framework within which each company will contribute to the overall response effort.


NFCUSA / MKB Productions mission is to mobilize and coordinate effective and principled humanitarian responses in partnership with national and international organizations in order to help alleviate human suffering in disasters and emergencies.


Promote preparedness and prevention while facilitating sustainable solutions.

NFCUSA Haiti Earthquake 1
NFCUSA Disaster Relief Haiti 2.png

NFCUSA provides an all-inclusive security deployment for relief shelter camps, relief personnel, affected citizens, equipment & designated assets in country in the aftermath of natural disasters.

The mission of this service is to effectively provide 24/7 security services and allied support services for humanitarian and relief teams, provide a secure working and living environment and perimeter for staff and designated personnel in direct support of the field operations.

Our primary objective is to provide integrity and dignity to populations affected by natural disasters and man-made crises. 


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MKB Productions Catering

Disaster Relief Catering

NFCUSA & MKB Production’s mission is to mobilize and coordinate effective and principled humanitarian responses in partnership with national and international organizations in order to help alleviate human suffering in disasters and emergencies.

MKB Productions is dedicated to creating a safe, clean and friendly environment for the community and its residents during recovery after a disaster.

The dining program is tailored based on the community, and the dietary requirements of first responders, support staff and community residents.

Menus are designed to fit norms of the area, and the needs of the community.

Meals are prepared by certified chefs to provide more than just food, but a nutritionally and delicious meal. 

MKB Productions Base Camp

Base Camp Presentation

Full-Service Catering : 5,000 – 25,000 Persons

Services to Include:

- Sleeping Quarters
- Dining Facilities
- Showers
- Restrooms
- Laundry 
- Security

- Medical
- Fuel Services
- Portable Generators
- Portable Heat and Air
- Potable, Black, and Grey Water
- Waste and Septic Removal

Optional Camp Ammenities :

- Personal Communication
- Television 
- Personal Device Charging Stations
- Religious and Spiritual Sanctuary

- Exercise Rooms
- Personal Growth
- IT Services
- Barber Shop

Power & Specialty Services - Complete On-Site Services

- Deliveries and Removal for Potable, Black, and Grey Water 
- Septic and Sewage Removal
- Garbage and Debris Removal
- Carpentry Services
- Road and Walkway Installation
- Interior and Exterior Lighting
- Licensed and Trained Technicians
- Temporary Power, Heat and Air Conditioning
- Manual Emergency Shutdown 
- Quick Change Oil Pump 
- Automatic Shutdown System (Low oil / Water pressure, high water Temperature) 
- Insulated Spark Arrestor Muffler/Exhaust System 
- Oil Reservoir/Oil Level Maintainer 
- Sound Attenuated Packaging for Silent Operation
- Onboard Fuel Tanks 
- Rugged Skids/Trailers
- Fork Pockets/Single Point Lift Eyes 
- 125 degree Ambient Radiator/U.S. Coast Guard Fire Retardant Hoses 

MKB Productions 1.png
MKB Productions Carpentery.png
MKB Productions Catering 2
MKB Productions NFCUSA

Where we've been

1992: Hurricane Andrew 
Served Florida Power Light (FPL) for 36 days at the Kendall Executive Airport, 3 meals/day for 1000+ linemen.

2001: Tropical Storm Gabriel
Responded and coordinated three emergency sites for FPL.
2004: Hurricanes Charlie, Francis, Jean, and Ivan

Responded and coordinated restoration and catering for FPL on both coasts of Florida simultaneously.

2004-2005: Hurricanes Rita, Katrina, and Wilma
Managed five emergency sites for power companies Sam Houston and Saint Tammany, including the largest FEMA camp following Katrina. Coordinated response for Hurricanes Rita and Wilma.

2016: Hurricane Matthew

Supported Florida State Emergency Response Team (SERT) following Hurricane Matthew.


2017: Hurricane Harvey

Called to action to Refugio, Corpus Christi, and Seguin, Texas. Managed three sites in Puerto Rico, including temporary military bases with over a thousand troops.


2018-2019: Hurricane Michael

Coordinated and catered three tent sites for SERT and built eight locations to feed state workers and distribute supplies.
Deployed to Tyndall Air Force Base to handle catering during the rebuild after damage from Hurricane Michael.

2020: COVID-19 Response

Managed caterers for eight sites and over 7,500 people of three meals daily.

Deployed two teams to New Mexico and Arizona to provide catering to COVID patients in the Navajo Nation.

Managed catering for two testing sites for COVID in Florida and one quarantined military troop.


2021-2022: COVID-19 Response, Hurricane Ida

Deployed to South Carolina to manage catering for mass-vaccination sites.
MKB was on site to feed and support the staff of the Virgin Galactic prior to the space launch.
Managed two base camps in Louisiana for Hurricane Ida, one for the US Military, one for displaced residents.


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