Mission Support

NFCUSA's mission support capability delivers operations support and program management services to government and commercial clients worldwide.

We offer a rapid response capability that supports our customers’ critical mission objectives. Our capabilities focus on training, intelligence functions, technical analysis, facility and supply chain management as well as integrated life support. Our program managers oversee large projects in multiple locations. We specialize in mobilizing and managing large numbers of personnel on-site in high-risk environments from recruiting and vetting to training and deployment.

Integrated Security

NFCUSA's domestic and overseas integrated security solutions include uniformed and high threat protection services for federal, state, local, non-governmental and multinational commercial clients. When managing security programs, NFCUSA strives to assess the security situation, avert any risks and help customers achieve a successful business outcome.


Our security specialists conduct a comprehensive site analysis to determine threats, develop security plans and allocate security resources.


Our integrated approach to managing security programs includes mobile and fixed-site security, community engagement plans, intelligence and analysis support, security assessments and technology recommendations.


Our customers can maintain business continuity and achieve results by relying on our integrated security services.

Protect What Is Really Important - People's Lives

A rising social or economic status or a higher level of recognition, tends to increase the chances that you or your family will be exposed to risks in your security. Whether you need fixed or mobile security: Our staff ensure you and your family’s safety – without restricting you in your everyday life. NFCUSA has a large network of highly qualified and internationally active corporate partners and maintains trusting government contacts. So we can always ensure the highest level of armed protection beyond borders. Regular training by qualified instructors ensures their physical performance, action readiness, tactical intelligence and the ability to stay concentrated over long periods.

Your Assets

Properties have a high value for businesses and individuals. The security and defense of buildings is therefore an essential facet of physical protection. In addition avoiding intrusions, attacks or espionage is a high priority for owners of private property and the protection of their privacy. We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your building or property to discover and mitigate vulnerabilities. On this basis, we develop a solution based concept with you. This includes the identification of potential security risks and proposes a set of measures for optimization. We can even offer structural and technical changes of the object in question. If necessary, our specially trained and armed security personnel are ready to step into action and provide optimum protection – around the clock.

Professional Security For High-Risk Areas

With globalization, companies, organizations and public figures increasingly engage in high-risk areas. These areas include the Middle East, Africa and South America. These regions are centers of global terrorism, and are often politically unstable with the social situation the cause of attacks, crime and corruption. We develop an individual security concept for any application in high-risk areas. We analyse the existing security measures and the current situation on the ground. We then organize and carry out all necessary measures in close cooperation with local partners. The development of a preventative emergency and evacuation management is an essential part of our risk management. To ensure the security of our customers in regions with high potential risk, we only use internationally experienced staff with a special skills.

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